Fred Thomas - Good Times Are Gone Again

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Hosted by John Richards
Today’s song, featured on The Morning Show with John Richards is "Good Times Are Gone Again" by Fred Thomas, from the 2018 album Aftering on Polyvinyl Records.

Former Saturday Looks Good To Me frontman Fred Thomas released his latest record, Aftering, last month via Polyvinyl. Featuring guest appearances from Common Holly, Anna Burch, Wild Belle’s Elliot Bergman, Dominic Coppola, and Ashley Hennen, the album finishes off an unofficial trilogy of fantastic indie rock records, starting with 2015’s critically acclaimed All Are Saved and following up with 2017’s Changer. Lead single and our Song of the Day, “Good Times Are Gone Again,” may sound sunny but is a timely reminder of the anxieties of everything that’s beyond our control.

"This song tries to capture the essence of when it sinks in that things are really out of control and messed up beyond your immediate repair, especially when it feels like the rug is pulled out from under you abruptly," Thomas explained of the song to the Fader. "It's about the feeling of exhaustion and ground-down gears from processing increasingly bad news all the time." The Jeffrey Freer-directed music video sees Thomas causing everyone he encounters, from his guitar student to a barista, to become mysteriously ill.

Watch the video below and catch Fred Thomas opening for Owen at Barboza on Friday, November 30.


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