Arlo Parks dazzles in the latest Live on KEXP episode

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photo by Brady Harvey

If it feels like Arlo Parks was just at KEXP, she was - sort of. With her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams released at the very beginning of 2021 and the world being what it was then, Parks played a Live At Home session for KEXP shortly after its release. Luckily, in March, the British musician was able to make a stop at the KEXP studios to play songs off the Grammy-nominated, Mercury Prize-winning album as well as her recently released single “Softly,” the making of which she explains to Larry Mizell Jr. in this episode of Live on KEXP.

Recorded 04/23/2022.

  1. Eugene
  2. Black Dog
  3. Softly
  4. Hope

Watch the full Live on KEXP session on YouTube

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