Kylie V speaks with KEXP's DJ Abbie about how the accessibility of making music led them to dive headfirst into the Vancouver music scene at the tender age of 14.

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episode description written by jasmine albertson
photo by lauren ray

At only 17-years-old Canadian singer/songwriter Kylie V has been writing and performing their personal brand of dreamy, pensive, lo-fi folk since they were 14. Chatting with KEXP’s DJ Abbie, they chart their humble beginnings in the Vancouver music scene, giving credit to surf rockers Peach Pit as a realization about the accessibility of making music and inspiration for diving into the local music scene to make their DIY rock star dreams come true. Their album Big Blue is available on Bandcamp.

Recorded 07/06/2021

1. On My Mind
2. Solace
3. Big Blue
4. A Story If You Want It
5. All Too Well (Taylor Swift cover)



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