On this episode of Live on KEXP father/son duo Femi and Made Kuti speak to Larry Mizell Jr. about their new album Legacy and how they carry on their father/grandfather Fela Kuti's commitment to spreading joy alongside political activism.

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episode description written by jasmine albertson


When your family name is synonymous with afrobeat activism, what do you do? For Femi and Made Kuti, the only option is to continue the Legacy, of course. On this episode of Live on KEXP, the father/son duo carry on what Fela Kuti started in the ‘70s - the dissemination of not just sharp political criticism but also immense joy through music.

Recorded 05/11/2021
1. Pà Pá Pà (Femi Kuti)
2. Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am (Made Kuti)
3. Stop The Hate (Femi Kuti)
4. Free Your Mind (Made Kuti)


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