Things get weird on today’s Live on KEXP featuring veteran electronic producer Matthew Dear.

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pHOTO BY alley rutzel (view set)
episode description written by jasmine albertson

Veteran electronic producer Matthew Dear is a self-described “tinkerer” and “loop-obsessed” musician who is known for crafting eclectically varied and mesmerizingly strange sounds under a number of various names including Audion, False, and Jabberjaw alongside his government name. Dear’s most recent album, 2018’s Bunny, was described by KEXP (aka myself) as having “moments of buoyancy that verge on sheer pop (granted, a twisted and discombobulated type of pop).” 

Things get weird on today’s Live on KEXP, as Troy Nelson seemingly veers wildly off-topic to delve into the science behind sleep, a couple of toy makers who appreciate it, and the drugs that impair it. But trust us, there’s a point here (I think) that connects to Matthew Dear, who was quoted as saying, “Hey old man, why aren't I rested? Why's your boy so damn tired? Where's the music?” In response to not having put out music under his own name in six years. It’s been hard to sleep recently huh? Gang — we have to get some rest.

Recorded 12/18/2019

  1. Modafinil Blues
  2. Bad Ones
  3. Echo
  4. Deserter

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