Interlude: Mac Dre was one of God for us

Fresh off the Spaceship

Black Constellation member JusMoni reads an original piece, “Mac Dre was one of God for us” over Erik Blood’s song “The Exchange” featuring Palaceer Lazaro (Ishmael Butler) and Tendai Maraire.

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On this episode of Fresh off the Spaceship, we take a quick detour from our normal episodes to bring you a special interlude. Black Constellation member JusMoni reads an original piece, “Mac Dre was one of God for us” over Erik Blood’s song “The Exchange” featuring Palaceer Lazaro (Ishmael Butler) and Tendai Maraire.

[ MUSIC CUE: Erik Blood - “The Exchange (feat. Palaceer Lazaro and Tendai Maraire)” ]

LARRY MIZELL, JR.: Hey y’all I’m Larry Mizell Jr, KEXP Afternoon Show host and DJ and your guide to this podcast, Fresh off the Spaceship, where we’re telling the story of the Black Constellation – the artist collective that’s transmitting revolutionary sounds, sights, and ideas through space and time. This week we’re bringing you something just a little bit different. We’re platforming a piece of work written and recited by JusMoni, Black Constellation member, and the subject of our next deep-dive episode. Moni is a singer, poet, organizer, mother, and so many more things – just a dazzling human being. This poem is a real slice of life as she’s known it, in Seattle. A little bit of flavor from the 206 that you might not have tasted before. Catch the next episode for Moni’s full story, talking about her musical career, her path, her spirituality, her healing practices, her history of community organizing.. Right now, here’s JusMoni with her piece, “Mac Dre was one of God for us.”

JUSMONI: When talking with outsiders about where I come from- the city that makes up my gravitas and lingo, I never stray far from water. To be surrounded by and never distant from big bodies of water is what has carried me. What has held me and brought me back to myself over and over again. It’s like falling in love- driving over I-90.
My first driving lessons were through some experiences I dare not mention. (I’m sorry if I ever stole your car). They happened between Beacon and the parking lot attached to the church right there on 28th and Jackson. But when you really knew how to whip that bucket or that old school, you’d hit those windy back roads that’d take you straight to Lake Washington. The view for us, that shall remain unnamed because you either know it or you don’t. I encourage everyone to not only fall in love with someone from the Central District but ask them to take you to that water. And if they don’t, do they love you to start with? Too young to be blowing it down how we were but extended acrylics with a Cali curve makes for great rolling. The back of Elco’s makes for great rest.
I know my son will have those moments but will he have those secrets?
The 3 am clothes off, full submersion in that body of water on the warmest night of summer. Knowing who on Beacon was gone for a season. 4 Loko’s and MD’s, 99 apples and flavored Smirnoff for walks between Cal Anderson and Jefferson. Will he ever link up for his first fight at Judkins or Miller? Lie about it later like he wasn’t the one to throw the first.
Secrets that I have that I never want him to know first hand. Mirror and razor blade under the bed at granny’s house to hit 2 and 3 P. Belltown if it was jumpin for you. Butta, like “auntie you need that?”
Hotels and motel 6’s from the highway to the north. Nasty North they call it. Eyes all dancing around and dirty fingers. Sticky ones. 
I do wonder if in 10 or in 15 if he’ll remember the Bite. The quintessential link up for torchlight. Parade down 23rd. Girls, Black girls stomping. Tassels shaking and swaying. Stop and go on command. Reconvene at the stoplight. GO.
Hyphy movement cus from the Bay to Seattle Mac Dre was one of God for us.
They’ve added so many bike lanes I’m not sure if he’ll ever see a side show.

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