Corporation for Public Broadcasting Compliance Policies

KEXP-FM is licensed to Friends of KEXP.  In compliance with the terms of CPB funding, this document will detail the policies related to meeting the eligibility requirements.

KEXP’s executive team includes:

  • Tom Mara, Executive Director,
  • Kim Coyne, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, CCO and Board of Directors
  • Ethan Raup, Chief Operating Officer,
  • Kevin Cole, Chief Content Officer,
  • Betsy Troutman, Director of Development,
  • Tom Smith, Director of Strategic Relations and Business Support,
  • Rebecca Denk, Director of Finance and Human Resources,
  • Jamie Alls, Director of Engineering,
  • Chris Kellogg, Programming Group Director,
  • Cyrus Despres, Director of Planning and Business Intelligence,
  • Rischel Granquist, Director of Facility Operations and Guest Services,
  • Chris Busiel, Digital Director,
  • Scott Bell, General Counsel,

Open Meetings Requirements as set forth in Section 396(k)(4) of the Communications Act.

KEXP-FM is licensed to Friends of KEXP.  The Board of Directors of Friends of KEXP and its committees meet several times per year.  Information about KEXP’s Board of Directors, including members and meeting information can be found via the link below.

link to board of directors page

Financial Reporting Requirements as set forth in Section 396(k)(5) of the Communications Act.

KEXP posts the Annual Financial Statement submitted to CPB and the most recent audited financial report.

link to KEXP CPB CSG 2018 AFR.

link to audited financial report.

link to IRS Form 990.

Advisory Board Requirement as set forth in Section 396 (k)(8) of the Communications Act.

KEXP-FM is licensed to Friends of KEXP.  The Community Advisory Board of Friends of KEXP meets several times per year.  Information about the Community Advisory Board, including members and meeting information can be found via the link below

link to advisory board page

KEXP Local Content and Service Report to the Community

KEXP provides an annual Local Content and Services Report to inform the community about activities intended to address community needs, outlining key services provided and the local value and impact of those services.

link to 2018 Local Content and Service Report

EEO Requirements as set forth in Section 396 9k)(11) of the Communications Act.

KEXP complies with the hiring and reporting practices as required by FCC regulations. Yearly EEO reports and the Station Activity Survey are posted here and available for viewing with the FCC Public File in the main office:  472 1st Avenue North, Seattle WA 98109.

link to  2018-2019 EEO Public File Report.

Diversity Statement

KEXP understands that cultural vibrancy is only possible when diversity is encouraged.

Recognizing that cultural diversity goes beyond language, ethnicity, race, and religion, to include characteristics such as gender, sexual orientation, and range of ability and age, KEXP builds appreciation for the unique qualities that all individuals and cultural groups bring to our communities.

In order to provide informed, authentic leadership in fulfilling its mission of championing music and discovery, the KEXP Board of Directors will support and encourage diversity within the staff, board of directors, programs, audiences and written policies of the organization. The board shall work to recruit and retain a culturally diverse board, and to encourage a culturally diverse staff, which reflect its primary constituency groups, music lovers and artists, and the communities it serves. KEXP staff will seek involvement in its programming by diverse populations. Board and staff will expand leadership opportunities, leading to a diverse organization that promotes our community’s cultural assets.

Donor Lists as set forth in Section 396 (k)(12) of the Communications Act.

KEXP does not sell, rent, lease, loan, trade, give, donate, transfer or exchange its donor names or other personally identifiable information to, with or from any candidate for federal, state or local office, political committees, or political parties for any purpose whatsoever, except as otherwise required by law or judicial process.

KEXP will periodically remind contributors/donors of its privacy policy.

link to privacy policy

Public File

Our FCC Public File is available on the FCC website

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