About KEXP

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KEXP's mission is to enrich your life by championing music and discovery. Our vision is a connected and compassionate world embracing curiosity and a shared love of music.

KEXP is an international community of music lovers and music makers, and a nonprofit organization fostering relationship and community building through broadcast, online, and in-person music experiences. 

Since our founding at the University of Washington in 1972, we’ve remained focused on championing music from all around the globe - spanning eras, styles and traditions. KEXP operates one of the most influential listener-supported music radio stations in the world, broadcasting at 90.3 KEXP-FM, Seattle and through our website and mobile apps. On KEXP's YouTube channel, our world-renowned Live on KEXP sessions feature exclusive in-studio performances and interviews from emerging and established artists. From a public facility at Seattle Center, KEXP produces hundreds of live performances and music events each year, many of which are open to public audiences at no charge. 

Our community is powered by the support of individual donors, volunteers, business supporters, corporate and foundation gifts, and funding from the local, state and federal government. Over 30,000 music lovers support KEXP through financial contributions, and hundreds of volunteers donate their time and expertise to serve our mission. Listen in and join our community at KEXP.ORG.

KEXP-FM Seattle, is operated by Friends of KEXP, a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization. KEXP is an affiliate of the University of Washington.

KEXP's Organizational Values

At KEXP we believe that

  • Music has the power to transform lives and connect people across all boundaries.
  • Principles of inclusivity, diversity, and equity-- held tightly and put into action through a chosen shared mission-- can help create the world we want to live in.
  • Listener power inspires and sustains everything we do and everything we are, and we thrive by practicing gratitude for those who support us.
  • To honor the trust of all of our communities, it is our responsibility to continuously experiment, evolve, and push ourselves and others forward, and to approach our work with vulnerability and relentless curiosity.
  • Creating an enriching experience with music requires us to celebrate music that spans eras, styles, and traditions, and to support artists who challenge musical conventions.
  • As a global community of music lovers rooted in Seattle on the traditional land of the Duwamish and Coast Salish People, we must strive to remain accountable to every community we touch- at home and around the world.

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