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KEXP Advancement Team

Betsy Troutman, Chief Advancement Officer

Erin Waters Lightfoot, Director of Annual & Digital Philanthropy

Dashel Schueler, Director of Marketing & Communication

Katrina Harvie-Watt, Associate Director of Leadership Giving

Katie Weiss, Director of Leadership Giving

Stephanie Shafer, Philanthropy Officer

Leela Bilow, Advancement Operations Manager

Rosalyn Claret, Advancement Communications Manager

Talene Shabanian, Annual Fund Campaign Manager 

Darby Riley, Advancement Administrative Specialist 

Kirby Gnerre, Advancement Coordinator

Lena Farr-Morrissey, Advancement Assistant 

Mike Ramos, DJ & Advancement Assistant

Tia Ho, Social Media & Digital Community Manager

Leah Capindo, Social Media & Digital Communities Coordinator

Jeia Villacis, Graphic Design Coordinator