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Hosted by Kid Hops, DJ Alex, Brit Hansen, Sharlese, DJ Riz

Expansions began in late 1995 as the brainchild of Riz Rollins as a response to the burgeoning acid jazz scene that was enjoying popularity in local clubs but underexposed on the local airwaves. Even at its inception, it has always been important that the show not be commanded by any monolithic style or single host but has always enjoyed 3 hosts who bring a variety of influences and style to the final mix. An Expansions mix will include old and new releases in its mix in a variety of genres. An Expansions mix can include trip-hop, chill, ambient, drum and bass, house, dub, electronica, jazz, sometimes world music, sometimes rock, sometimes....well sometimes even the most disparate elements come together thanks to the expert curator efforts of its current hosts Kid Hops, Masa, DJ Riz, Sharlese, and Alex.