Play KEXP on Your Smart Speaker

Experiencing great music should be as easy as saying "Play KEXP." Just ask your smart speaker and start listening.

Alexa/Amazon Echo

First, enable the KEXP Alexa Skill by doing one of the following:

  • In your Alexa mobile app, search for the 'KEXP' skill and enable it.
  • On the web, enable it from the Alexa skills store (click the link, or search for KEXP and enable the skill).
  • From your Alexa device, you can try saying 'Alexa, enable KEXP', or 'Alexa, open KEXP." If this doesn't work (if you don't hear "Welcome to listener-powered KEXP..."), use one of the methods above.

To play the live broadcast​, just say "Alexa, play KEXP"

To find out what is playing at any time, say "Alexa, ask KEXP what song is playing?"​

To play a show from the two-week Streaming Archive, say:
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play the Morning Show”​
"Alexa, tell KEXP to play Street Sounds from last Friday"​
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play Pacific Notions from two days ago"​

To play shows featuring your favorite music genres, say:
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play Hip Hop"​
"Alexa, tell KEXP to play Country"​

To play shows with your favorite DJ, say:
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play Cheryl Waters"​
"Alexa, tell KEXP to play DJ Riz from last week"​

To play the KEXP Variety Mix from different times of day, say:
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play the weekends"
"Alexa, tell KEXP to play late nights"

"Alexa, ask KEXP to play the over nights"

In the Streaming Archive only, you can say: "Alexa, tell KEXP to skip to the next show"​

Google Home

Say "OK Google, Play KEXP."

Other functions for the Google Home (such as the Streaming Archive) are coming soon.

Smart Speaker FAQ

How can I get help with KEXP on my Smart Speaker?

Please email any questions or related issues to KEXP On-Line Support.

Is the KEXP stream available in stereo on smart speakers?

In general yes, the KEXP stream and streaming archive will play in stereo on compatible devices. We are investigating an issue with the use of two Echo Dots to create stereo separation.