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Mechanical Breakdown

Hosted by Sharlese
Mechanical Breakdown on KEXP is a weekly hour program exploring the many different styles of various wave and synth genres, including, New Beat, Italo, Post-Punk, EBM and more.

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Upcoming Live Performances


Saturday 9/16 at 2:00 AM PT

The Argentina-born, Berlin-based producer, DJ and live act Skelesys has emerged as one of the most exciting projects across post-punk, wave and future sounds. Inspired by everything from hard rock, sci-fi and horror, his music traverses several genres resulting in a fresh, unique sound that is all his own. After releasing great material on labels like Eskimo Recordings, Ombra INTL and Snap Crackle & Pop, his latest EP, Epsilon (Oraculo Records), quickly sold out on vinyl selected on the prestigious postpunkonline.com blog as one of the best releases of 2022.

Primarily a live artist, he incorporates guitar with electronics and vocals on stage, while also being an electrifying DJ, delivering sets featuring all things under the umbrella of 80s influenced dark sounds. Since arriving in Berlin, he’s played at some of the best parties and clubs around Europe including Kantine Am Berghain (Berlin), Ombra Festival (Barcelona), La Culottée -  La Station – Gare des Mines (Paris), Kablys (Vilnius), Tank (Bologna), Tempio del Futuro Perduto (Milan), IBOAT (Bordeaux), Kupolas (Nida) to name a few, and becoming a regular performer at The Brvtalist live events in Berlin. Exciting projects are on the horizon for Skelesys, including an upcoming EP with Local Suicide and an EP with Curses under the name Silver Tears, set to captivate audiences with their unique blend of sounds. Be on the lookout for their first release on the highly anticipated Next Wave Acid Punx Volume II / Deux.