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The Roadhouse

Hosted by Greg Vandy

The Roadhouse is a roots program emphasizing the blues and other traditional styles of American music. The show presents the wide and wonderful spectrum of our musical legacy - the roots of today's popular music and culture. The show explores regional differences in American recordings with a decidely Southern bent. 

As a programmer/producer, my goal is to create a mix of American music that transcends simple definitions and catergories of style. I play blues, but also country blues, piano blues, folk blues, zydeco, punk blues and whatever new interpretations come along. I play country and folk, but also old-time mountain music, bluegrass, singer/songwriters, cajun, folk/country rock, and any revival that comes next. In addition, the show recogonizes the importance of the church in the developement of popular American music - gospel spirituals laid a foundation for bluegrass, rhythm and blues and soul music. I try to play the new with the old, and the known next to the unknown. 

Ultimately, I hope the show is an alternative to what's known as "American roots" or any "boomer" definition of roots-rock turns classic-rock. I play a mix which hopefully turns the familiar fresh and demostrates that we always return to the source - it's just one music eventually. 

-Greg Vandy

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