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Seek & Destroy

Hosted by Tanner Ellison

Tanner Ellison : Host, DJ, and Producer of Seek & Destroy, Saturday Nights at Midnight to 2AM

Tanner Ellison is a professional artist living and working in Seattle. He has been corrupted by metal since he was a little grub. He had an unlikely start in radio around the age of 12 or 13 when he had a local mechanic build a FM transmitter for trade and started his hometowns only pirate radio station. Running a pirate radio station with his hooligan friends eventually led to writing and playing music. Tanner played guitar and screeched in many terrible punk and metal bands over the years. After moving to Seattle, he guest DJ'ed for KEXP's Sonic Reducer as well as several venues and events.

Tanner has sought out every blackened forest and gruesome abbitoir of the underground extreme metal world seeking incredible music. He grew up loving everything from old school death metal to the most atmospheric, ethereal black metal to haunt the the Pacific Northwest. Tanner has a rabid affection for listening to records and tapes and plays mostly vinyl every week on Seek & Destroy to ensure the best possible sound quality for listeners.

When not sharpening battle axes and hanging out in spooky caves, he sculpts and models undead soldiers from beyond the void and draws pictures of dragons and space wizards. He is currently a Senior Production Artist at HBO making all kinds of rad stuff.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SeekAndDestroyOnKEXP
Instagram - https://instagram.com/seekanddestroy_kexp