Good Mail Day


KEXP's Good Mail Day on September 22nd


In these unsure times for the United State Postal Service, we wanted to show our appreciation for the post office and the connection of physical mail. On September 22nd, it’s KEXP’s Good Mail Day! We’ll be playing all requests and reading messages that we get by mail. So send us a postcard! Fan mail, love letters, mail-related requests, notes about your favorite parts of KEXP, why you love the post office, pictures from where you live, art from your kids, photos of your cats… we want it on a postcard!
Mail your postcard to:
KEXP Good Mail Day
472 1st Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Drop those off with your favorite USPS mail carrier soon and then tune in on September 22nd to listen for your message or request!


Questions? We Have Some Answers!

Q: Will this overload (aka do more harm to) the United States Post Office?
Not from what we can tell! When we (socially distanced) asked our local mail carrier if this was a good idea, they said, “Oh, hell yes! That’s good business!”

Q: What if my postcard doesn’t get to KEXP before Good Mail Day?
Great news—we love mail. It will still be so appreciated. But get that postcard in the mail today so that it gets here soon!

Q: Where can I buy stamps?
Stamps are available through the
USPS online store, buy a bunch! But note that delivery of postage supplies has been taking a while to be delivered, so hopefully you have some stamps around your home or you can buy them in person (at a safe distance) from you local USPS. Find your closest USPS location here

Q: Mail feels like an important part of Election Day, right?
Yes! With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many voters will be opting to vote-by-mail to participate in the upcoming election in November. For more information on how USPS relates to the upcoming election, we recommend
this report

Q: Where can I find out more about what’s happening with the United States Post Office?
 There have been numerous news outlets reporting on the current predicament with the post office. We recommend
this article to start and encourage our listeners to continue their own research on this topic.

Record Your Own Station ID

If you work (or worked) for the USPS, we would love for you to record an ID that we’ll play on air on September 22nd!

Recording USPS IDs at Home

How to Record

1.    Can use your phone microphone but position yourself pretty close to the mic and speak clearly. But not too close—stay at least three inches away from the mic.

2.    Sit in a quiet place! Closets are your friend for audio recording.

3.    You can use whatever voice memo app may already be on your phone; another good option is a free app called Voice Record Pro, which makes the voice file very easy to send as an email attachment.

4.    Aim for under :20 seconds (don’t stress, we can make it work if it goes over a couple seconds)

5.    Email recording to by September 17th!

What to Say

We have some sample scripts below that you can use to record your ID. When recording, remember what's most important: Stay relaxed and have fun!

“Hi, my name is [NAME]. I work(ed) at the [LOCATION] Post Office for [NUMBER] years and you’re listening to Good Mail Day on 90.3 KEXP, Seattle!”

“Hey it’s [NAME]. From the [LOCATION] Post Office and you’re listening to Good Mail Day on 90.3 KEXP, Seattle!”

“This is [NAME]. Proud employee of the [LOCATION] Post Office for [NUMBER] years and you’re listening to KEXP, where the music—and the mail—matters!”

Feel free to take any variety on that! Tell a short story if you want!