Midnight in a Perfect World

April Schedule

Multi-genre program featuring eclectic sets by a rotating cast of international and local DJs, each building upon a party vibe to kick off your weekend. Check out the archives of previous exclusive mixes here, and check out the upcoming schedule below:

April 3rd: Camea
April 10th: Patrick Holland
April 17th: Classixx
April 24th: Snapdragon

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Sound & Vision

The Sound & Vision podcast features interviews, panels, reporting, and commentary that digs into the stories behind the music, with in-depth discussion of the most important issues facing music and arts communities. 

This week's episode:

We explore the stories of three musicians who work day jobs to supplement their work as artists. First is Lesli Wood, who fronts the band Skates! As a lawyer by day, she used to have to hide her tattoos and neon hair in court in order to be taken seriously. Then, we meet Mark Arm of the iconic Seattle grunge band, Mudhoney. His day job is stuffing records and managing the warehouse for the record label his band is on, Sub Pop. Lastly, we talk to Geo. He’s best known for his Seattle hip-hop group, Blue Scholars, but his main job now is running two acclaimed café/bars in Seattle called “Hood Famous."

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KEXP Sessions

From The Arcade Fire to Zero 7, live performances have consistently been an important and unique aspect of KEXP's programming. While the KEXP Live Performances section provides you access to hundreds of exclusive live performances, you can also subscribe to a weekly podcast that brings you a series of complete live in-studio sessions. Check out some of our most recent sessions below:


KEXP Running Powered Podcast

KEXP’s Morning Show host, John Richards, presents the KEXP Running Powered Podcast, a series of Music That Matters podcasts. Enjoy these training podcasts, featuring high-energy local and international artists with songs about running and songs that will motivate runners. Download now and allow KEXP’s resident runner to amplify your inspiration and soundtrack your next run.

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KEXP Remixed

What is KEXP Remixed? Listen to brand new mixes created from KEXP's broadcast archive! By breaking our live broadcast back into the highly-curated 'sets' of music our DJs have created, we can "Remix" these mini-playlists in new and interesting ways.


Long Songs on the Longest Day of the Year

Friday, June 21, 2019 was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. KEXP dedicated the daylight time to celebrating beauty and joy of a declining trend: long songs. All day, KEXP DJs only played tracks longer than 6 minutes and 13 seconds, the length of Bob Dylan’s classic "Like a Rolling Stone." While the "Long Songs" programs are no longer available via the 14-day Streaming Archive, you can revisit them now using KEXP Remixed (beta).





Music Heals: Addiction & Recovery

On Thursday, May 23, 2019, KEXP presented Music Heals: Addiction & Recovery, full day of on-air programming dedicated to music’s power to heal, overcome addiction, inspire recovery and reduce the stigma around substance use disorder. The event was part of KEXP’s Music Heals series aimed at helping listeners through their most difficult moments, coinciding with National Mental Health Awareness Month. While the shows are no longer available via the streaming archive, you can revisit them now now using KEXP Remixed (beta).




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