KEXP 50th Anniversary Tiles

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Your personalized tile is a chance to create a lasting symbol of your love for music, and to share something meaningful with the KEXP community. It’s also an important way to support KEXP. 

In honor of our 50th Anniversary, we’re opening up more space to display listener names or messages at KEXP! With your special anniversary gift, you can now reserve a customized tile that will become a permanent part of KEXP’s building in Seattle. Tiles are only available until we sell out, so don’t wait. What will your tile say?

Your 50th anniversary tile gift is a powerful way to make your mark on KEXP and keep the music playing, now and into the future. Reserve your tile now or read on to learn more.

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What’s the story with the tiles?

One of the major milestones in KEXP’s evolution was building a “new home” at Seattle Center. Opening in 2016, KEXP’s new home was the culmination of thousands of members of our music community coming together to create a one-of-a-kind space to celebrate music discovery and connection. 

To help make all this possible, we invited listeners to make their mark on KEXP by donating and reserving a tile for the new building’s exterior walls. Today, you can view more than 1,600 tiles at KEXP, featuring donor names, favorite quotes, dedications, and song lyrics. (There may even be a marriage proposal in there somewhere!) Viewed alongside one another, the tiles serve as a powerful statement and inspirational reminder of the impact of a community to create something positive when we come together. 

Now that some nearby construction is finished, we have a chance to add more tiles for the first time since 2016!

What are my tile and text options, & at what donation levels?

Three different tile sizes are available with your donation. Each tile features space to customize with your name or special message:

  • Small tile (2" x 8", one line of text up to 28 characters long) - $500 donation
  • Medium tile (4" x 12", two lines of text up to 28 characters long each) - $1,000 donation
  • Large tile (6" x 16", three lines of text up to 28 characters long each) - $5,000 donation

Do I need to have my tile message ready right now? 

You do not need to decide on your tile inscription at the time of donation! We’ll reach out to you within a few weeks to get your tile wording. So be sure to reserve your tile now, before they sell out.

How can I pay for my tile?

You have the option to pay for it as a one-time gift or break your donation into 12 monthly installments. Please contact KEXP Donor Services at if you want to make a gift through a donor-advised fund or another method. 

KEXP donors in front of tile wall

Can my tile include a logo?

Sorry - tiles are text-only, so that means no images or emojis.

What happens next?

We will follow up with you in September to get the wording for your tile inscription and then begin fabrication. These tiles will be installed at KEXP at a later date TBD - we'll keep you updated on our plans and progress via email!

How can I see my tile once installed?

Tiles reserved on or before May 27 are now on view at KEXP! Here's how you can pinpoint the exact location of your tile, or check out photos of the finished wall if you're unable to visit in person.

What does my tile gift help support?

Support from tile donations will help provide the funding KEXP needs to stay on top of change while remaining rooted in our community and our mission. 

As we hit 50 years, welcome a new CEO, and begin work on a new strategic plan, we have the opportunity right now to set the stage for a new era. Listener power helps us keep doing what we do, each and every day. At the same time, we are excited to make investments that will deepen and sharpen that work. We have big ideas, but we need a boost to do more and to do better while maintaining what we’ve already built.

Your support in our 50th year will help keep KEXP both rooted and resilient, able to do right by our current programs while staying responsive to future shifts in the music world, in technology, and in the communities we serve.   

Reserve your KEXP tile


For any questions not addressed here, please reach out to

Tile wall at KEXP, partially installed