Larry Mizell, Jr.

I'm a child of music, with a family legacy that's deep. I was born in LA, then sent to Seattle, where I've spent most of my 40sum years. I'm blessed to have gotten to live a life through music, wherever writing about it, performing it, or rolling across the country with it. It's in my blood and bones.
I'm just trying to bring some fun and flavor the best way I know how. Playing some beautiful music for the people listening. Hopefully bringing somebody a smile, a dance, a discovery.
Contextualizing, educating, exploring. Bouncing, blistering, mixing it up. Afrobeat, disco, dub, funk, JAZZ, gospel, house, noise, pop, punk, prog, post-, rock, rap, reggae, shoegaze, salsa, soul and techno. Playing and speaking from the heart.
Hopefully conveying the way that music, history, and life all converse in my head.
Afternoons, Monday through Friday.

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