Kennady Quille

Kennady Quille is a musician, artist, and activist. She works for a small consignment store and is absolutely obsessed with vintage clothing and fashion. Her first introduction to KEXP was playing an in-studio performance as a representative of Rain City Rock Camp for International Women’s Day and she fell in love with the space. A year after that performance she hit the airwaves! She has a strong passion for representing BIPOC, femme, and LGBTQ+ voices on-air as well as within the music industry and her dream is to someday open up a queer femme collective record store! Some of her favorite artists and influences are Bikini Kill, Liz Phair, Erykah Badu, Sidney Gish, Noname, The Breeders, Baby Guts, and many more! In her spare time, you’ll find her thrifting around Seattle, going to local shows, and dancing at bus stops.

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