Review Revue: The Jazz Butcher - Big Planet Scarey Planet

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

This is the third album by The Jazz Butcher I've covered in this blog series (see also here and here), and I'm embarrassed to admit I have yet to properly spend time getting acquainted with this long-running English band's deep discography. Something tells me that the next several years will be a great time to really get into Big Planet Scarey Planet. I mean, the title says it all, doesn't it? In case it doesn't, here's this delightful sum-up from the band's annotated discography page: "Early 1989 was, indeed a strange and desperate time after all that triumphalist Tory looting that had been going on. We listened to a lot of hip-hop and soul music at the time, and I think that we considered ourselves sufficiently HARD to take the whole fucker on in an l.p." On the off chance anyone needs an appropriate soundtrack to triumphalist looting in the coming years, I've got it all picked out for ya.

"Don't know much about the Jazz Butcher, but I really enjoyed this."

"It has been so long - we've missed you!"

"'The Good Ones'!!"

"I make a personal plea for H. That's where it is on my turntable. Best JBC release since 'Sex + Travel.' Real varied in terms of sound, + subject matters range from war to travel to love to death to eleven year old miscreant products of Thatcherism."

"Side one is masterful + side 2 is real good. Skip the one that's mainly samples, but otherwise play away."

"H. Supah swell! Better than Fishcoteque & more rockin! And he's friends with the Spacemen 3! H."

"Robert is right 100%. H."

"I lurv it."

"KCMU welcomes to the Backstage on Friday the 1st o' December. By all means - GO!"

"All right, he's come and gone, move it down."

"10/17 - I count 3 votes for H."


"Here's one against."


"Why, this isn't jazz at all!"


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