Review Revue: Sylvia Juncosa - One Thing

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

I had never heard of the idiosyncratic Los Angeles guitar player/singer/songwriter Sylvia Juncosa before pulling this record off the KEXP shelf, but I'm glad to have made her musical acquaintance, however late I am to the party. And it seems my timing is pretty good, as just last year she released her first album in over 20 years!

For some reason, this week I felt particularly compelled to share this record, and to tip my hat to our old pal Creed for his call-out of the casual sexism displayed by one of his fellow DJs in their review. Damon Creed: fighting the good fight since (at least) 1990.

"Good chick guitar rock in a non-derogatory way. I can't help but think that if a guy sang along with this it wouldn't sound as good. Thankfully that is not the case."

"Kinda a combination of mellow & faster stuff, while 2-1 & 2-5 are mostly quieter, comparatively. All the songs seem to have their moments & would go great next to P. Houston."

"Does the sex of a guitarist ever have anything to do with the skill and quality of the guitarist? Would you ever say 'Good dude guitar'?"

"Tom Price & Tom Hazelmeyer are 'good dude guitarists.' There I said it. And ooohhh I feel icky."

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