Today’s song of the day, featured on The Morning Show with John Richards, is "Iowa" by Exitmusic from the 2018 album The Recognitions on Felte.
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Brooklyn-based dream pop duo Exitmusic are returning for their first album in 6 years and also their final album, titled The Recognitions. Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church have been creating music under Exitmusic since the mid-2000’s, when they fell in love. The duo have been married since 2003 and used their creative and romantic partnership to put out two albums - 2007’s The Decline of the West (independently released) and 2012’s Passages (Secretly Canadian). Unfortunately, their romantic partnership has ended and The Recognitions is their last creative output together (their true and actual "exit music"). Our song of the day, “Iowa,” delves into that unraveling. Church told Billboard: "Our relationship finally cracked when Aleksa took a break from recording to work on a film in Iowa.” Palladino has been an actress since she was 14 and has had some high-profile work in Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos. “[The film] takes place on a lake so deep, indigenous people believed it had no bottom, and was a portal to the spirit world,” Church says. “When Aleksa returned from shooting, I could tell immediately something major had shifted. She described an experience of standing up in a boat on the lake and seeing her reflection in the water, and having the realization that we had only been living on the surface of life -- that there were fathomless depths to be explored if we were able to set each other free." The Recognitions is out April 20 on the Los Angeles-based label felte. 



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