Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 6 PM
Light Switch

DJ Comment
DJ Comment: A special one-off recording in honor of timber culture (with the recent NW Timber Revival Festival) from the Ole Tinder frontman ; played right here on this show during the special Northwest Timber show, inspired by that festival and the Northwest's heritage and all the music involved. Support special shows like that, and this special community! 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397, or online at
Timberman Blues
7:16 PM
DJ Comment: The feeling when you join in right now and stand up with this community of music lovers will blow you away, truly. Try it: 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397, or give online at
Next Door Neighbor Blues
7:12 PM
DJ Comment: The Roadhouse brings you compelling and kick-ass special episodes year after year, like the Summer Sell-Out Show, the super-scary Halloween show, the Woody Guthrie special, and the 4th of July Soul Freedom show. Which one is your favorite? Let us know! 206-903-5397 or 1-866-903-5397, or give online at
Let's Get It On
7:09 PM