Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 1 AM
articulate flavour
Light Switch

DJ Comment
DJ Comment: By request!
Turn It Up
1:34 AM
DJ Comment: LIVE on KEXP - this Saturday at 12:00 pm with DJ Morgan!
Durutti Shores
1:28 AM
DJ Comment: Rock solid soulful grooves
I'm New Here
1:26 AM
DJ Comment: Beats courtesy of 9th Wonder
Love Joint Revisited
1:21 AM
DJ Comment: The legendary drummer's 10th album
Ire Omo
1:16 AM
DJ Comment: Latest (warped) single from Ariel Pink -
Black Ballerina
1:08 AM
DJ Comment: LP cover inspired by Gustav Klimt, according to the band
Green Fingers
1:04 AM
DJ Comment: BRAND NEW Panda Bear (KEXP debut)!! His new album drops January 13th, though you can find this track on a just-released EP entitled Mr Noah
Mr Noah
1:01 AM
DJ Comment: Get tangled up in cords, knobs and other musical gagets with these great pictures from the electronic act's KEXP in-studio performance last month here:
12:55 AM