Friday, May 29, 2015 - 2 PM
The Afternoon Show Loves You!
Light Switch

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DJ Comment: Miami Horror's last song from their live set today; enjoy every ounce of it! "I definitely think LA had an influence on the sound of the album. A lot of our favorite artists from the ’70s and ’80s had written albums here that have a certain sound to them, and a lot of similar artists in this genre who live here also have that sound to them. I find the constant sun and visual style of LA makes you more laid back in general, whereas Melbourne keeps you in check. Heading back to Melbourne four months a year let me see the record from another perspective."
3:23 PM
DJ Comment: Broadcasting live from KEXP's Hood-to-Hood celebration in West Seattle! Catch the boys live tonight at The Crocodile tonight; ticket info here: Cool factoid: this song contains a sample from "Sugar and Spice (I Found Me a Girl)" by Luther Vandross!
3:19 PM
DJ Comment: Live from KEXP's Hood-to-Hood Day in West Seattle! "The music kind of got a lot happier as soon as we started writing in L.A., which might be related to our moods because of L.A. There’s definitely a lot of influence from that city. I’ve seen some people say … [there was] some review that said it had too much influence, but I mean, that’s kind of crazy, just because, you know, how much influence can a city really have? It maybe just brightened the mood a little more, and maybe slowed the tempo down on some songs."
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Out of Sight
3:09 PM
DJ Comment: Melbourne, Australia's Miami Horror performing live from KEXP's Hood-to-Hood Day celebration in West Seattle at the Alaska Junction. If you're not here already, head on down and check out more live music and great festivities! MH will be performing tonight at the Crocodile; ticket info here:
Love Like Mine
3:05 PM
DJ Comment: "It didn’t take long for producer Benjamin Plant’s dance remix persona to turn into a full-on disco and house-influenced dance band dubbed Miami Horror. The Melbourne producer’s early remixes eventually gave way to original work, including the buzzy Australian track 'Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp' with Gameboy/Gamegirl. Not long after the release of that single, Plant released his debut EP as Miami Horror and gathered a live band – guitarists Josh Moriarty and Aaron Shanahan and bassist/keyboardist Daniel Whitechurch – to take the songs from the EP and his debut album, 2010’s Illumination, on the road. For the second Miami Horror LP, Plant brought the band into the collaborative process, resulting in the 2015 disco-leaning All Possible Futures. Just like Miami Horror aren’t actually from Miami, 'Real Slow' isn’t the least bit slow: it’s a uptempo, celebratory burner that captures the joyous spirit of early Italo-disco tunes."Download your own (very legit) copy here!
Real Slow
3:01 PM
DJ Comment: "I think I'm getting better as a producer. I think that's one of the things that you only get with experience. It's such a well-known phenomenon. The first crusty demo and first vocal take and first fuck around with the song has this energy and vibe to it that you can't replicate. No matter how hard you try, you can't get it back. But at the same time, I'm getting better at finding out what it was that was so cool about that original thing and being able to do it again. It's hard to explain. A lot of my vocals are the first takes. So much is that true, that on the first song [on Currents], 'Let It Happen,' there's this part at the end where I'm singing through this keyboard sampler thing, almost like a vocoder but not really. And the first take I did, I was just singing gibberish and making sounds with my mouth just to test it out. And I didn't even know what I was saying. I was saying words and stringing sentences together that weren't really words."
Let It Happen
2:53 PM