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Midnight in a Perfect World

KEXP's weekly guest DJ mix show is a multi-genre program featuring eclectic sets by a rotating cast of local, national, and international DJs and artists. Every late Sunday night at midnight, a guest DJ outside of KEXP's on-air talent will take you on an hour-long journey through their record collection to showcase their unique sonic vision of a Midnight In A Perfect World.
Check out the archives of previous exclusive mixes here, and check out the upcoming schedule below:


photo by Caroline Lessaire


January 3rd: The Bug

The Bug is one of the many aliases of Kevin Martin, a British musician now based in Brussels who's been a seminal figure in the experimental and electronic music scenes since the early 1990s. With a stacked career discography featuring projects under an assortment of monikers, The Bug has been Martin's best-known outlet since launching the project in the late 1990s to explore a riveting cross-section between dub, dancehall, grime, dubstep, industrial, and other adventurous styles. Following a string of pivotal album releases as The Bug for Ninja Tune Records between 2008 and 2017, Martin emerged late last year with In Blue, his 6th album as The Bug and his first on acclaimed British label Hyperdub Records. True to the project's consistent collaborative spirit, In Blue was created alongside Berlin-based American producer and vocalist Dis Fig and found the two artists creating a style they call "tunnel sound," a foggy and melancholic meltdown of narco-dancehall, zoned soul, and dread-drenched dub. 

photo by Jeffrey LaTour


January 10th: Rituals Of Mine

Sacramento-based musician Terra Lopez is the driving force behind Rituals Of Mine, a project that serves as her musical outlet to explore an immersive and cathartic sound that blends R&B, electronic, and pop music in ethereal and powerful fashion. Terra Lopez originally emerged on the music scene as the frontwoman of Sister Crayon, a beloved dream-pop outfit that made their debut in 2009. Lopez and her Sister Crayon bandmate Dani Fernandez changed their group's name to Rituals Of Mine after the then-duo signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2016. The timing of the band's major label deal came during an extremely difficult time in Terra's life — her father took his own life and her best friend passed away in an accident — and Terra never fully slowed down to process these emotionally devastating losses. After parting ways with Fernandez in the fall of 2017, Lopez reclaimed Rituals Of Mine as a solo project to take full responsibility for the group's sonic vision as she began the healing process both in her own life and in her music. Now signed to Carpark Records, Rituals Of Mine's sophomore album HYPE NOSTALGIA (released in September 2020) found Terra reconciling with the darkest parts of herself and her life to create an album that would also ideally help listeners with their own mental health.

photo by Archi Chang


January 17th: Sonia Calico

Born and raised in Taipei, Sonia Calico is a DJ/producer who's become an essential figure in the city's underground electronic community. Sonia originally came up in the music scene as the leader of Go Chic, a legendary Taiwanese electro-punk band that made waves in the early 2010s, releasing two albums, working closely with pioneering electro-clash artist Peaches, and becoming Taiwan’s most travelled rock band performing at major music festivals in Japan as well as SXSW. Following Go Chic's decision to go on indefinite hiatus, Sonia dedicated herself to the creation and promotion of the underground dance music culture in Taipei, launching her own music and event label UnderU and beginning a monthly workshop called Beatmakers Taipei that provided a platform for local producers to share their skills and experiences. Last year Sonia released her biggest and boldest sonic statement to date with her full-length debut album Simulation of an Overloaded World, a riveting conceptual record that filters her adventurous and hard-hitting beats through a prism of worldly rhythmic styles and traditional East Asian instrumentation.

photo by Colin Medley


January 24th: Ryan Hemsworth

Canadian artist Ryan Hemsworth is a chameleonic figure in the music world, equally adept at producing club bangers, emotional ballads, and charming indie folk music. Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ryan emerged as an innovative producer in the early 2010s with a unique cinematic sound that blurred the boundaries between hip-hop, electronic, R&B, and progressive club styles. His first proper solo album titled Guilt Trips came out in 2013 and won the Juno Award the following year for Electronic Album Of The Year. Since then he's gone on to release two additional albums, numerous EPs and mixtapes, and he's also consistently showcased his infectious collaborative spirit, producing tracks for a wide array of artists ranging from Mitski to E-40, and launching his own label Secret Songs to provide a platform for emerging new artists. Ryan continued to expand his resume in 2020 with his signing to beloved indie label Saddle Creek Records for the launch of Quarter-Life Crisis, a new project that taps into his love of emotional indie pop and indie folk music. Quarter-Life Crisis' self-titled debut release came out in early December 2020 and featured appearances by Hand Habits, Yohuna, Claud, Hop Along's Frances Quinlan, and Hovvdy's Charlie Martin.

January 31st: Lena Raine

Seattle-based electronic musician Lena Raine is an acclaimed composer/producer best-known for her soundtrack work on popular video games who has also recently made waves with her own solo cinematic albums of whimsical electronic music. Working behind-the-scenes on video game soundtracks for nearly a decade, her soundtrack for the award-winning 2018 video game Celeste became a massive underground success story and cemented her status as one of the premier contemporary video game composers. Outside of her video game soundtracks, Lena released her official solo debut full-length album Oneknowing in 2019 through the British label Local Action Records, who also released a diverse remix collection of the album titled Reknowing this past September.     

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