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Midnight in a Perfect World

KEXP's weekly guest DJ mix show is a multi-genre program featuring eclectic sets by a rotating cast of local, national, and international DJs and artists. Every late Sunday night at midnight, a guest DJ outside of KEXP's on-air talent will take you on an hour-long journey through their record collection to showcase their unique sonic vision of a Midnight In A Perfect World.
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December 5th: Dusky

Dusky is the collaborative project of London-born electronic producers Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman. Initially gaining recognition during UK’s house renaissance of the early 2010s, Dusky have established a magnetic and expansive club sound over the past decade that filters house, techno, breaks, jungle, rave, ambient, jazz, and piano house into melodic, infectious, pop-sized anthems. This past November they unveiled their third full-length album JOY on their own label 17 Steps Records, an imprint that has served as a homebase for their own recordings as well as forward-thinking releases from the likes of Bwana, Trevino, Hugo Massien, Chrissy, and Kiwi.

photo by Jason Carberry


December 12th: Lucy Liyou

Lucy Liyou is a Philadelphia-based Korean-American musician and sound collagist creating powerful sonic narratives through a cerebral blend of piano, field recordings, text-to-speech readings, poetry, and elements from Korean television dramas, Korean folk opera, and the Korean tradition of musical storytelling known as pansori. Frequently exploring complex, captivating, and challenging thematic terrain, Lucy's breakthrough album Welfare was released in March 2020 on the Ijn Inc. label run by fellow experimental artist Klein, and this year they've stayed busy with a few new offerings including a new album Practice on Full Spectrum Records that was recorded in the fall of 2020 while they were staying with family in Seattle.

December 19th: Etari

Etari is the alias of Los Angeles-based electronic producer and DJ Alixandria Andre. Propelled by a love for hypnotic house, ethereal grooves, broken beats, and airy melodic textures, she's been experimenting with her craft since teaching herself how to DJ as a teenager. Her debut EP Healing Herself came out in 2019 on the Brazilian label Yellow Island Records, and earlier this year she dropped her debut album Rainbow Eucalyptus on the revered LA label 100% Silk. Through her imaginative productions and expressive DJ mixes, Etari is forging a distinctive psychedelic house sound that's equally suited for rooftops and rainforests.

photo by Sentinel


December 26th: Clinic

Now 30+ years into their illustrious mask-adorned career, British band Clinic continue to unleash unpredictably thrilling music through a commitment to experimentation, a dedication to the craft of the song, and embracing the rackety joy of melodic noise. Currently pared down to founding members Ade Blackburn and Jonathan Hartley, Clinic released their 9th studio album Fantasy Island — a record inspired by disparate influences including The Human League, Fun Boy Three, Kid Creole and The Coconuts, Italian cosmic disco, the Memphis Jug Band, and old blues music — this past October on their longtime label Domino Records.

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