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KEXP is excited to present a show programmed and produced by teens. Under the guidance and direction of KEXP DJs, 90.TEEN creates interest and opportunity for youth in radio and media arts while presenting the best in music that our community’s youth are listening to right now. 90.TEEN provides a voice for Seattle youth, in a fun educational format.

90.TEEN is programmed by the participants in the KEXP Youth DJs program. The goal of this program is to teach young people confidence skills and develop career goals, positive thinking, practice, curation, technical and programmatic knowledge, and training through the art of broadcast journalism and DJing.

Applications are currently open for the next cohort of Youth DJs. For more information, visit this page.

Check out the streaming archive or listen to past shows here.

90.TEEN DJs:


Clara Madenwald (she/her)

Clara is a 17-year-old, fourth-generation Seattleite, senior in high school, and is on her way to college! She is currently the DJ Assistant for Troy Nelson (Saturdays, 3-6 PM) and serves as the Secretary on KEXP’s Youth Resonance Board. Clara shares her love of KEXP with her family and has fond memories of listening to The Morning Show on her drives to school. She loves KEXP with all of her heart and is excited to pursue her interests in media studies, radio, and the behind-the-scenes of the music industry. Her hobbies include photography and ceramics.


Ruben de la Jara (he/him)

A recent high school graduate, Ruben is passionate about music and feels that it is a big outlet for him to express himself. A musician himself, he plays guitar as much as possible and his interests are in jazz, rock, hip hop, classical, and more. He feels that playing guitar and writing music has been an incredibly rewarding experience for him and has shown him the fortunes of hard work.


Theomatic (he/him)

2016 Alumni of Residency, Theomatic is a Filipino activist, rapper, DJ, and visual artist. With a number of releases and performances under his belt, Theomatic is a youth organizer and mental health educator. He interned at King Country Public Health for a year focusing on suicide prevention and peer education. Music has guided, raised and strengthened him and he feels that going through adverse and traumatic experiences, he has been able to grow more resilient and stronger through music and art. His ultimate mission is to educate and liberate the world through hip-hop.


DJ Dot (she/her)

Music to DJ Dot is a form of self-expression. As a teen trans musician, she has been playing guitar for eight years. This year, Dot released her second EP and is working on her first album as well as playing in three bands on the side. KEXP is the only station that Dot has ever listened to and she is a big fan of the live in-studios. Dot adds that the only thing straight about her are the A’s she receives in school and that she never has enough money for all the records and shows she wants to attend.


Sebastian Mendoza (he/him)

A student at Gibson Ek High School, Sebastian has spent two years volunteering at KEXP in the Production department. A musician himself, he is inspired by Pearl Jam, Chicano Batman, and Fleet Foxes, in addition to creating his own music as well. He also serves on both KEXP’s Youth Resonance and Community Advisory Boards and in his spare time he likes to go to Sounders games and concerts.


Jack Darling (he/him)

Jack is passionate about diversity in the music industry and supporting the local music and art scene. He feels the music is the most important form of expression and finds a lot of joy in creating playlists, discovering new music and sharing with others. Jack is a published author and is also an animal enthusiast and tea addict.


Claudine Magbag (she/her)

Claudine Magbag is a 2018 Sound Off! alumni as well as a graduate of MoPOP’s The Residency. She is also an active musician in the Seattle music scene, performing shows around town. While she loves all things that involve creativity, music has always been her first love. She feels that music is self-expression that holds truth and has the power to bring forth change while also bringing people together from many different backgrounds. Claudine is also a student. Her hobbies include analog and digital photography.

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