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Sept. 14, 2019

2 p.m.

Mastering The Hustle 16 - Music Synchronization 101

KEXP Gathering Space

Panelists will dive into the basics of how getting your music placed in film, television, advertising and videogames, can help generate income and build your following.
Saturday, September 14, 2019
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
KEXP Gathering Space

Moderator: Kid Hops
Panelist: Rossanna Wright, Music Supervisor at Rosin & Bow
Panelist: Jeff McIIwain AKA Lusine, Musician
Panelist: Ricki Askin, Vice President of Music Services and Licensing at Vice Media (NYC)


Mentorship Opportunities Available

As a new feature of the program in 2019, Mastering the Hustle will now offer mentorship sessions on the day of each workshop to provide emerging artists - especially youth artists - with the opportunity to connect with an industry expert for more one-on-one conversations and support, based on the content of the Mastering the Hustle workshops. Mentors are all affiliated with the partner organizations, receive training on how to be a good mentor, and are bound by values of artistic integrity, creative freedom, and personal responsibility.

Mentor meetings will occur at MoPOP on the morning of the workshops and are free. Each mentee (individual or band) will be paired with an industry professional and have a 30-minute session with them, followed by opportunities to connect after the workshop.

Apply for a mentor meeting by filling out thisĀ form.

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