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KEXP Public Radio is not an ordinary community-supported station. Offering a rare, unrivalled mix of music that can’t be found anyplace else, KEXP serves listeners in Seattle and around the globe through its online streaming services.
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When you hear KEXP DJ’s say “listener powered” they aren’t kidding! More than half of the funding for KEXP this year will come from members. Make a gift of support, learn about all the great benefits of being a KEXP member, and check out some of the thank you gifts available when you pledge.

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Want to help out by giving time to KEXP? At KEXP we love volunteers, and we couldn’t make this place run without them. There are many volunteer and intern possibilities available. Check out some ways the help spread the word, and make listener powered radio possible by donating some of your time.

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From sole proprietorships to corporations, businesses find KEXP an effective way to increase awareness of their services while supporting this vital service. To find out about underwriting or sponsorship opportunities, please visit one of the following pages.

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Got more questions? Curious about what goes on behind the scenes of what you hear on KEXP? Need some interesting facts about the station to impress your friends? If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, pleae email us and we’ll do our best to help.

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