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kexp performance studio

KEXP's performance studio is 13½' by 19½', with a 9-foot ceiling. Isolation rooms are not used in order to provide the synergy of a live performance.

Performance room monitoring is via Sennheizer HD 280 headphones, powered by Rane HC6 headphone amps, fed by two stereo mixes from a Mackie d8b digital mixing console.

Click on images for full size shots of the studio and control room.

The full specs for KEXP’s performance studio:

Mackie D8B 56 input/72 channel Digital Mixing Console.
20 mic pre's total. One dedicated to DJ mic leaving 19 for band.

24 channels of Pro Tools HD
Tascam CD-RW 2000 CD Recorder

Waves L2 Ultramaximizer IDR

Outboard Processing
Yamaha Pro R3 Digital Reverberator
Yamaha SPX 1000 Multi-Effect Processor

Mic Pre
12 channels Mackie
8 channels Grace Design 801

(2)AKG C1000S
(2)AKG D112
(4)Audio-Technica AT4041
(2)Earthworks Z30X
(5)Sennheiser MD421
(5)Shure Beta 58A
(2)Shure KSM32
(4)Shure SM58
(4)Shure SM57
(2)Shure SM7B
(2)Sennheizer 609
(2)Neumann KMS 105
(7)DI Boxes

KORG SG Pro X Keyboard
Fender GA-43 SCE Acoustic/Electric Guitar (2)
Fender GB-41 SCE Acoustic/Electric Bass
Ampeg Super Jet 1X12 guitar amp
Ampeg Super Rocket 2X12 guitar amp
Full Mid 70's Ludwig Drum Kit