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Foals: What Went Down
Buy! - (Warner Bros.)
This British band’s fourth album is another first-rate set of rhythmic post-punk with a massive sound combining ringing guitars, atmospheric keyboards, driving rhythms, soaring vocals and anthemic song hooks. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

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All Dogs: Kicking Every Day
Buy! - (Salinas)
The debut full-length from this Columbus, OH band led by Maryn Jones (who’s also a member of Saintseneca) is an excellent set of ‘90s-steeped indie-rock with consistently strong, sharply crafted songs featuring fuzzy guitars, dulcet vocals and often-dark, emotionally cathartic lyrics juxtaposed with buoyant pop melodies. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

Tijuana Panthers: Poster
Buy! - (Innovative Leisure)
This Long Beach, CA trio’s fourth album is a well-crafted, consistently solid blend of ‘60s-steeped garage-rock, surf, psych-rock and other styles, with an energetic blend of jangly guitars, driving rhythms and catchy pop hooks. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

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Wayne Interest - 6/12/2014

Dam-Funk: Invite The Light
Buy! - (Stones Throw)
Dam-Funk – Invite The Light (Stones Throw) The second album from this LA artist (aka Damon G. Riddick) is a masterfully constructed double album of ’80-steeped boogie-funk with airy synths, occasional fuzzy guitars, mid-tempo funk rhythms and often-vocodered vocals. An impressive guest lineup including Q-Tip, Ariel Pink, Snoop Dogg, Nite Jewel, Kid Sister, Jody Watley, Leon Sylvers III and the Ohio Players’ Junie Morrison. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

Mike Krol: Turkey
Buy! - (Merge)
This LA-based artist’s third album is a first-rate blend of raw garage-punk and hook-filled power pop, featuring a scuzzy, lo-fi sound with crunchy guitars, energetic rhythms, snotty vocals, heart-on-sleeve lyrics and sunny pop melodies. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

Craig Finn: Faith In The Future
Buy! - (Partisan)
The second solo album from The Hold Steady frontman is a bit more of an intimate and reflective take on his band’s anthemic rock, featuring a variety of character-driven narratives ranging from buoyant uptempo rockers to poignant, acoustic-oriented ballads. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

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Motorhead: Bad Magic
Buy! - (UDR)
The veteran British band sounds as vital as ever on their 22nd album, an unrepentant set of blistering hard-rock with fiery guitar riffs, frenetic rhythms, snarling vocals and fist-pumping song hooks. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

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Aftershock - 11/6/2013

Yo La Tengo: Stuff Like That There
Buy! - (Matador)
The veteran Hoboken, NJ band follows up their celebrated low-key 1990 album of covers and originals Fakebook with another equally subdued, mostly acoustic set of wide-ranging covers along with two new originals and three new versions of older Yo La Tengo songs. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

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Autobahn: Dissemble
Buy! - (Tough Love)
This British band’s debut album is a promising set of stormy post-punk with a murky, bleak sound featuring angular guitar lines, driving rhythms, gloomy, often-shouted vocals and dark lyrics. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

Midday Veil: This Wilderness
Buy! - (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
This Seattle band brings a sleeker, more electronic-oriented approach to their third album, which seamlessly blends propulsive space-disco with ritualistic psych-rock. Produced by Randall Dunn, the album also features an impressive guest linup including Parliament-Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell, violinst Eyvind Kang, percussionist Tor Dietrichson and saxophonist Skerik. 8/28/2015 - Don Yates

Beach House: Depression Cherry
Buy! - (Sub Pop)
This Baltimore duo’s fifth album is another beautifully crafted set of atmospheric dream-pop with a floating, reverb-drenched sound combining droning organ, shimmering synths, chiming guitars and hypnotic drum-machine rhythms with Victoria Legrand’s dusky vocals, cryptic lyrics and melancholy melodies. 8/21/2015 - Don Yates

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The School: Wasting Away
Buy! - (Elefant)
The third album from this 8-piece Welsh band led by Liz Hunt is a sweet set of ‘60s-steeped pop reminiscent of Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian. The album’s lush pop sound combines guitars, keyboards, strings, horns and a variety of percussion with breathy, plaintive vocals, lovelorn lyrics and wistful melodies on sturdily crafted songs ranging from swinging Motown-indebted tunes to atmospheric ‘60s girl-group ballads. 8/21/2015 - Don Yates

Tamaryn: Cranekiss
Buy! - (Mexican Summer)
The third album of atmospheric dream-pop from this New Zealand expatriate now living in New York finds her moving away from the shoegazerish guitar-focused sound of her first two records in favor of a more electronic-oriented sound with shimmering synths and drum-machine rhythms accompanying her breathy vocals and intimate lyrics. 8/21/2015 - Don Yates

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The Internet: Ego Death
Buy! - (Odd Future)
The Internet are a Los Angeles outfit centered around core members Syd the Kid and Matthew Martin. Although they have roots in the Odd Future collective, their third album continues to forge their own eclectic and distinctive sonic path that adventurously blends R&B, soul, funk, hip-hop, jazz, and electronics into their own thrilling sound. Syd’s sultry, stirring vocals share the spotlight with the group’s elastic arrangements. Janelle Monáe, Tyler the Creator, Vic Mensa, and Kaytranada make guest appearances. 8/21/2015 - Alex

Julio Bashmore: Knockin' Boots
Buy! - (Broadwalk)
Following a consistently hot string of singles and EPs for labels such as dirtybird, 3024, PMR, Futureboogie, and his own label Broadwalk, Bristol, UK-based DJ/producer Julio Bashmore unleashes a fantastic debut full-length that ecstatically encapsulates his love of classic house music sprinkled with R&B and bass flavors. Seven Davis Jr, Sam Dew, BIXBY, Okmalumkoolkat and J’Danna offer their unique guest vocals. 8/21/2015 - Alex

Eskimeaux: OK
Buy! - (Double Double Whammy)
The second album from this NYC-based project spearheaded by Gabrielle Smith is a super strong set of catchy, beat-driven, poetic bedroom pop that carries a notable PNW streak with its similarities to Mirah and S. 8/21/2015 - Alex

Royal Headache: High
Buy! - (What's Your Rupture?)
This Australian band’s second album is another first-rate set of urgent, soul-steeped garage-rock and post-punk, combining buzzing guitars and energetic rhythms with emotive lyrics and lead singer Shogun’s gritty, soulful vocals. 8/14/2015 - Don Yates

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Royal Headache - 5/11/2012

Deradoorian: The Expanding Flower Planet
Buy! - (Anticon)
The solo debut album from former Dirty Projectors bassist/vocalist Angel Deradoorian is an often-enchanting set of psych-tinged avant-pop inflected with traditional Japanese, East Indian, Middle Eastern and other influences from around the globe. The album combines a haunting, trance-inducing sound with her crystalline, elastic vocals and lyrics of self-exploration. 8/14/2015 - Don Yates

FKA twigs: M3LL155X EP
Buy! - (Young Turks)
This British artist follows up her masterful debut album with a powerful 5-song EP blending futuristic R&B with deep post-dubstep electronic grooves while also featuring some of her hardest-hitting lyrics to date. 8/14/2015 - Don Yates

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Cold Beat: Into The Air
Buy! - (Crime On The Moon)
The second album from this Bay Area project spearheaded by former Grass Widow bassist Hannah Lew is a bit brighter take on the band’s blend of sparkling New Wave pop and urgent post-punk. 8/14/2015 - Don Yates

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Over Me - 7/3/2014

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