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Vox Mod: The Great Oscillator
Buy! - (self-released)
Breaking out last year with the release of his bombarding SYN-ÆSTHETIC album, prolific musician/producer Scot Porter (aka Vox Mod) returns with a new album that’s stacked, epic, and similar in structure to its predecessor. The Great Oscillator places Vox Mod’s driving, synth-heavy, space-bound production style in the spotlight once again, yet his army of synths is quite possibly bigger and more expansive this time around. The choice guest vocalists – Eighteen Individual Eyes’ Irene Barbaric, Pollen’s Whitney Lyman, Fly Moon Royalty’s Miss Adra Boo, Midday Veil’s Emily Pothast, IG88 collaborator Jenni Potts – appear on a few of the immediate standouts and add their unique styles to Vox Mod’s dense, celestial soundscapes. 4/18/2014 - Alex
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