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The Moondoggies: Tidelands
Buy! - (Hardly Art)
This Seattle-via-Everett band’s highly anticipated 2nd full-length is a more cohesive, fully-realized album than their excellent 2008 debut Don’t Be A Stranger. Mostly co-produced by Erik Blood and the band (one song was co-produced by Phil Ek and another by Kurt Bloch), Tidelands flows beautifully from beginning to end. The band’s warm, roots-tinged sound is more dynamic and varied here, ranging from gospel-influenced rockers to desolate acoustic ballads. The band’s songwriting has also become darker and deeper, and both the band’s warm three-part harmonies and Kevin Murphy’s soulful lead vocals sound more powerful and assured than ever. A magnificent follow-up to a memorable debut. 9/16/2010 - Don Yates
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