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The Drums: The Drums
Buy! - (Downtown)
This Brooklyn-via-Florida band follows up last year’s promising Summertime EP with an even-better debut album that’s strongly rooted in the more pop-oriented ‘80s post-punk bands (the Smiths, New Order, the Cure) along with the lo-fi jangle of Field Mice and Orange Juice, and more faintly, the ‘60s pop sounds of the Beach Boys and Phil Spector. The band’s songs are simply constructed but almost always achieve a kind of pure pop perfection using surf-influenced guitar lines, celestial keyboards, simple, propulsive rhythms, soaring harmonies, and occasional handclaps and tambourines, while also balancing the album’s sunny melodies and exhilarating, ultra-catchy choruses with mostly downcast, heartbroken lyrics. 6/9/2010 - Don Yates
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