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Kanye West: Graduation
Buy! - (Roc-A-Fella)
The 3rd album from the Chicago rapper/producer is yet another landmark in hip hop music. While Kanye will never be known as a great rapper, he makes up for it with personality, intelligence and humor. Possessing a monumental ego, he’s self-aware enough to undercut it with self-deprecating sarcasm even while puffing himself up to even more grandiose heights. But while his many contradictions make him fascinating as a cultural figure, it’s as a producer where he really makes his mark. He continues to stretch out here to stunning effect, blending his trademark warm soul grooves and samples with a new embrace of European electro-house and techno synth textures, and an even broader range of brilliantly used samples ranging from Laura Nyro and Mountain to Can and Daft Punk. 9/13/2007 - Don Yates
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