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Massive Attack: Collected (Dual Disc)
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This is a compilation of songs taken from this Bristol bands four albums and includes a bonus dual-disc featuring new songs, rarities, and remixes. The bonus dual-disc also doubles as a DVD (hence the term "dual-disc") and features all sixteen of their videos, many of which are quite beautiful and compliment the music very nicely. Right now this is only available in North America as an import although there is a domestic version without the bonus dual-disc, but for any true Massive Attack fans the bonus disc is what makes this worth getting. Also, exclusive to the dual-disc edition, three of the songs on disc one (Butterfly Caught, Future Proof, and Five Man Army) are different remixed or edited versions then the originals. Massive Attack are one of the most influential bands in recent times and they pioneered a sound that would later come to be knows as a whole new genre. This compilation should hold us until the next album comes out sometime later this year. 5/2/2006 - Don Yates
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