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AFX: Chosen Lords
Buy! - (Rephlex)
AFX is the moniker that British electronic artist Richard D. James, better known under the moniker Aphex Twin, went under in his early years. In 2005 he released a series of eleven vinyl-only EPs under the AFX moniker. The series, titled Analord, was comprised of a total of forty-one new songs , his first new material in four years. Chosen Lords is a compilation featuring ten of those songs, and while I don’t know who chose these particular ten or why, I can surely say they seem to have done a good job. Each one is unique and rather extraordinary in its own way, creating a wonderful sampler of this mad genius’ latest works. Complex but not spastic, intricately-layered but not out of control, these synth-heavy, strangely beautiful pieces are the best stuff that James has done in a very long time. * This review done with help from Alex Ruder 4/10/2006 - Don Yates