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Scientific American: Mass Destruction 1
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This is a mix-CD done by Seattle artist Andy Rohrman, aka Scientific American, on the Seattle-based label Massmvmnt. It blends together tracks from seventeen different artists (in addition to a couple of Rohrman’s own productions) coming from several rather divergent genres, but this ain’t no “mash-up”. From familiar hip-hop cuts by big names like Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, Jurassic 5, Talib Kweli, Dizzee Rascal, and Lady Sovereign; to underground electronic notables like Dabrye, Jimmy Edgar, and Machine Drum; to fellow Seattle artists such as DJ Collage and FCS North; and with a couple catchy pop anthems from the likes of Amerie and Gwen Stefani thrown in for good measure, Rohrman deftly works them all into the mix like peanut butter and jelly - as if they were meant to go together. Masterful scratching from Seattle DJ Mr. Piccolo helps keep the flow going strong throughout the mix. The title is anteceded by the number 1 due to the fact that this is only the first in what is planned to be an ongoing and ever evolving series of mixes, in which each new one will be a remixed version of the previous, with new versions being available through the website. * This review done with help from Alex Ruder 3/24/2006 - Don Yates