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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: Gay, Black and Married
Buy! - (Ryko)
This album was written nearly a decade ago when this Chicago band had a week off during a European tour. Supposedly they met a couple musicians of kindred spirit while drinking in a bar in France one night and after some conversation about the bland, boring state of music booming throughout the Euro clubs at the time, they all went back to one of the musician’s home studio to jam. They found they had a mutual love for late 70’s disco music and began writing and recording what was to be a homage to that nascent, hedonistic dance scene era. Wah-Wah-laden guitars, funky bass lines, cheesy synths, and robot-like vocals…it’s all here. The recording never saw the light of day and was all but forgotten until this past summer when the band decided to resurrect the project, adding some new wave and electro sounds and fresh vocals to it. They also included a cover song…the 1977 mega-hit “Do you Wanna Get Funky With Me” by fellow Chicago artist Peter Brown. Overall, this is fun (in a somewhat cheesy way) if not taken too seriously. 3/14/2006 - Don Yates