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Darondo: Let My People Go
Buy! - (Luv N' Haight)
Darondo was a charismatic singer in the Bay Area in the early 70’s who effused suaveness and style. He wore custom made rings and belt buckles and drove around in a Rolls Royce. If you saw him today you might think he was a pimp. He recorded three 7” singles and then quit the music business because, as he described it, he was just doing music as a fun hobby and had no serious aspirations or desire to make money from it. It’s kind of a shame that he didn’t record more because, as this compilation reveals, he was a very talented songwriter and singer with a soulful sound similar to Al Green. This release features the three singles he released plus the b-sides, in addition to three previously unreleased demo recordings. 1/30/2006 - Don Yates