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Xiu Xiu: Le Foret
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My roomate, Alan Wiley, said this about Xiu Xiu's new album. I agree: xiu xiu's jamie stewart seems to be a talented, troubled man, using a wide variety of instruments (harpsichord, tuba, clarinet, harmonium) in unusual and unexpected ways. his songs are alternately soft and brain damaging; somber and angry, but they all have a certain voyeuristic quality, like you've seen something you weren't supposed to. while retaining many pop traditions, xiu xiu also re-writes the book, inviting you in with beauty and melody, then throwing a wrench in the machine that's been built, causing a fire. xiu xiu's new album, la foret, is undeniably attractive and urgent, but it hurts a little bit, like getting a much needed hug from somebody you don't like. 10/6/2005 - Rachel