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My Morning Jacket: Z
Buy! - (ATO/RCA)
This Louisville band replaced a couple of members and dramatically altered their sound for their 4th album. While crunchy Southern-rock guitars still appear on some songs, others prominently feature keyboards along with more modern and adventurous rhythms. With noted producer John Leckie behind the board, they’ve also toned down the reverb of their earlier albums, giving them a brighter, fuller sound that’s fleshed out with a stunning array of imaginative touches. Still, the most significant difference is in the songwriting. Not only are the songs more varied than before, they’re also sharper and more distinctive, drawing upon a wide range of sources from Elton John and the Who to reggae and Radiohead. To top it all off, Jim James’ haunting vocals have never sounded better. Merging musical experimentation with classic pop song craft, My Morning Jacket have come up with their most fully realized album to date, not to mention one of the very best released this year. 10/5/2005 - Don Yates
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