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The Mountain Goats: The Sunset Tree
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Like last year’s We Shall All Be Healed, the latest album from John Darnielle (aka the Mountain Goats) is an intensely personal affair. The Sunset Tree finds him revisiting his abusive childhood with some almost unbearably poignant songs combining telling insights with raw emotion. Also like his last album, this one’s produced by John Vanderslice and features stellar accompaniment, including some excellent work from famed jazz cellist Erik Friedlander. While he’s always been a limited vocalist, Darnielle is becoming a more nuanced and expressive one, sounding equally fine when singing with soft delicacy or raw fury. Darnielle has made plenty of fine records before, but by laying bare the traumatic experiences of his past, he’s come up with the most deeply felt album of his career. 4/20/2005 - Don Yates
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