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Drive-By Truckers: The Dirty South
Buy! - (New West)
This Alabama band’s sixth album is a Southern rock masterpiece. While their previous two albums were critically acclaimed and featured a number of great songs, they just keep getting better – as songwriters and as musicians. With Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley and Jason Isbell, they have three formidable songwriters, and they all contribute some powerful songs to The Dirty South. Like their previous two releases, it’s a concept album rooted in their native South. This time, they tell the tales of Southern folks struggling to get by in a dysfunctional economy, from working folks whose jobs have been automated or sent overseas to those trying to escape poverty by any means necessary: Quite a few gangsters get to tell their side of the story here, and their tales are fleshed out with some of the most potent Southern rock made since that plane went down in Mississippi back in ’77. The Truckers might be the best live band in America – they’ve now made an album that rivals the power of their live show. 8/6/2004 - Don Yates
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