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The Concretes: The Concretes
Buy! - (Astralwerks)
This Swedish band takes a giant leap forward on their second album. Beginning as a trio before gradually expanding to eight members (along with assorted other part-timers), the Concretes have honed in on a dreamy orchestral-pop sound featuring a dense, wall-of-sound mix of guitars, organ, horns, strings and more along with the hazy vocals of Victoria Bergsman. She sings in a style reminiscent of Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star fame, and while that band’s probably the most obvious touchstone for the Concretes, their orchestral ambitions set them apart. You’ll also hear echoes of the more dreamy side of the Velvet Underground and early ‘60s girl groups on this truly gorgeous album. 6/24/2004 - Don Yates
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