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Wilco: A Ghost Is Born
Buy! - (Nonesuch)
The fifth album from Jeff Tweedy & co. continues the experimentalism of 2002’s acclaimed Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but it’s not just more of the same. A Ghost Is Born is a more low-key and cohesive affair, featuring a number of hushed, hypnotic ballads, a couple of rhythmic post-rock experiments and some occasional bursts of rock energy and pop melody. While Tweedy’s offering up a more subdued aesthetic this time, his gift for songcraft and engaging melodies keeps A Ghost Is Born from getting too self-indulgent (with the exception of the lengthy ambient noise that draws out “Less Than You Think” to over 15 minutes), making it another valuable offering from one of American rock’s most creative bands. 6/11/2004 - Don Yates
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