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Joni Mitchell: Hejira
Buy! - (Asylum)
A whole book could be written exploring the depth of this record. It’s not her best work. I say that only because so much of her work is so incredible that the paradigm of (best) is an inadequate way to approach Mitchell’s work. I offer this personal favorite because I had a recent depth experience with this recording. I have been listening to Hejira for almost 20 years. Now when I listen to it there is the Joni that was then, the Joni that continued her work. There is also the me that was then and all the (me)s that have been since. I have both changed and retained a recognizable outlook and perspective. Just recently I really listen to this record again and found the depth not just in what it was as an independent Art piece with a beginning and an end, but also as a living piece of work that encompassed all the different times that I heard Hejira, with each new insight relating and coexisting with each old insight. Two words of advice check this record out and don’t forget to revisit and remain in relationship with your favorites from long ago. 11/20/2003 - Don Yates