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Record Store Day 2018: Colemine Records’ Terry Cole on Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio’s Live On KEXP LP

The band's Upstream 2017 performance on the KEXP broadcast gets a vinyl release this Saturday for Record Store Day

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KEXP Exclusive Interview: Krist Novoselić Climbs Again with Giants in the Trees

He rose to fame with Nirvana, but now famed bassist Krist Novoselić is on top with his new project Giants in the Trees. KEXP talks to the larger-than-life legend about the new project.

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Throwaway Style Local Music Album Reviews

Throwaway Style: Laura Veirs Stays Vigilant on The Lookout

On her tenth full-length album, the Portland singer/songwriter explores issues of safety and security through the imagery and beauty of her songwriting.

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Interviews Local Music Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2018: Noah Gundersen on Selections from White Noise Live From KEXP 90.3 FM

We caught up with Gundersen to learn more about his Record Store Day release, performing in the live room, and which records he's looking out for this Saturday. Oh, and there might be some mushrooms involved.

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Local Artist Spotlight: Lusine

Along with more than 200 other acts, Lusine's singular brand of electronic music is coming to Upstream Music Fest on June 1-3. For this week's Local Artist Spotlight, we highlight what might be the best album of Jeff McIlwain's nearly two-decade-long career.

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Throwaway Style: An Interview with Kevin Murphy of the Moondoggies

It's kind of an understatement to say a lot can change in five years. Moondoggies frontman Kevin Murphy opens up about the half-decade period between the band's full-length records and the art of writing rock songs.

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CCFX FTW: A Q&A with the DFA Records Super-Trio

CCFX is a new supergroup out of Olympia, Washington, a collision of talents, a stellar collision of sorts, featuring friends from the bands CC Dust and Trans FX. KEXP Morning Show Producer Owen Murphy chatted with the band following their first in-studio session.

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Announcing the 2018 Ballard SeafoodFest Line-Up

KEXP is excited to help present the 2018 Ballard SeafoodFest, July 13-15, with The Moondoggies, All Them Witches, and more.

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Portland Punk Trio The Thermals Break-Up

After 15 years and seven albums together, Hutch, Kathy, and Westin say they "look forward to a new chapter in our lives, our art, and our friendship."

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Local Artist Spotlight: Tacocat

Few bands make the hell that is sometimes other people sound as fun as Tacocat. Leading up to their Upstream Music Fest performance, the band reflects on some of their favorite songs from their catalog.

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Local Music KEXP Premiere

Sera Cahoone Shares New Arrangement of “Deer Creek Canyon” (KEXP Premiere)

The Seattle songwriter offers up new takes on old songs with her upcoming EP, The Floral String Sessions

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Throwaway Style: The Evolution of Powerbleeder

On their new EP, titled G u s h, Powerbleeder master the fine art of not flaunting all of their musical talents simultaneously.

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