Bumbershoot 2017, Day One: Acapulco Lips

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Dusty Henry
all photos by Dusty Henry

"This is an instrumental about weed," Acapulco Lips bassist Maria-Elena Juarez said pointedly as the band started their set at the KEXP stage. It got giggles at first, but the second they started leaning into their psych-meets-surf jam, the laughter turned into dancing and some serious vibing. It was hard not to be enamored by the band's enthusiasm as well, with drummer Christopher Garland beaming from his drum throne in his Green Day tank. Our stage may be the one stage at the festival with air conditioning, but the sweltering sounds of Acapulco Lips put that claim to the test. Each new song sizzled like hot pavement, capturing that feeling of walking home in the sun. If you think of the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival as the last hurrah of the summer festival season, Acapulco Lips' set truly embodied that spirit.

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