Review Revue: Red Wedding - Up and Down the Aisle

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Red Wedding (and my selection of this album for this particular week may or may not be related to the start of the new season of Game of Thrones) was a pretty obscure band even by Review Revue standards. It sounds like they had quite the reputation as a live band around L.A., but they only released a couple EPs before moving on to other things. Michael Ely and Spider Taylor, the couple at the core of the band, went on to release music as a duo under a few different names, the last of which was simply Michael and Spider. Sadly, Spider passed away a couple of years ago.

Up and Down the Aisle is available to stream in its entirety, which I highly recommend - as well as delving into the band's full story on Michael and Spider's web site , which provides much more detail and grit than any old Wikipedia entry.

"2.2 says fuck very clearly . . ."

"Solid new wave rock with good guitar work - try 'Sleeping on the Airplane.'"

"Good, well put together."

"I like!! Side one is solid."

"'Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (sic)' . . . now that's a red wedding!"

"'All Dressed up' has 'fuck' 3 times quite audibly - questionable. [arrow pointing to first comment] Whoops, I guess someone already noticed."

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