Review Revue: The Raunch Hands - El Rauncho Grande

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

If the gender politics of the Raunch Hands were controversial 30+ years ago (and they were, as you will see below), I'm not surprised you don't hear them much on the air these days. In fact, I can't find reference to a single Raunch Hands spin on KEXP in recent years - even on Shake the Shack, which seems surprising. (This guy would have an opinion on the matter, I'm sure.) This might be a loss from a musical standpoint - what I've heard seems like a fine example of the genre - but personally, I can live with less music requiring disclaimers for people who are "sensitive about being female."

"I like this, but, if you are sensitive about being female, I wouldn't recommend this. From NYC."

"I'm not really that sensitive about being female but - OPINION - I hate this - substandard raunch."

"Early Cramps meets Hank Williams Jr."

"Yee HA! Whoop - Whoop - Whoop!!!"

"Ok . . . I may be sensitive about being female but this be barfy. Seems the bull on the cover is suggesting more than just the hands' rampant manhood . . ."

"Read Jorge Amado, it'll make sense then . . ."

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