Upstream Music Fest + Summit, Day 1: Bread & Butter

Upstream Music Fest + Summit
Cierra Fraser
all photos by Bebe Labree Besch (view set)

One surefire way to break through the gloomy weather of Seattle is with some sunny rock and roll. Lucky for us and all those at our Occidental Stage yesterday, local the Killroom Records power-pop rockers Bread and Butter came to the rescue! The rain that struck Upstream was long-forgotten once their feel-good, fun-loving sounds struck the festival.

There is no hiding the passion that these four dudes have for their craft. With grins on their face throughout their entire forty-five minute set, they served the crowd a bouncing, jovial array of foot-tapping, booty-shaking rock and roll. The first two songs of the set, ‘Worst of Times’ and the ever-so-catchy ‘Cool in the Water’, coincide with the opening track listing of their recently released self-titled debut album. The set consisted nearly entirely with tracks off the new album, with the crooning stand-out track ‘Desperation’ marking the end of their performance. Playing in the rain was a true testament to the power of their buoyantly boppy output. Their bright, lovable energy is infectious no matter what the weather! If anyone needs a lift out of a sour mood, Bread and Butter is undoubtedly the go-to.

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Upstream Music Fest + Summit

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Upstream Music Fest + Summit

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